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This Agreement (“Agreement”) is made effective by and between Aurelia Lane/Alexa Maria (the “Company”), and purchaser of the digital product (hereafter “Client”), for the purpose of Client purchasing a digital product or offer from Company’s online shop (the “Product”). Client agrees to the terms and conditions below by checking the box in the online shopping cart checkout or by submitting payment for the Product.

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In consideration for access to the product provided by the shop, you agree to compensate the fee indicated on the online shopping cart. If any payment methods are declined by the online payment processor, you shall provide a new eligible payment method before receiving access to the product. If you have already been given access to the product and a payment method is declined, we reserve the right to collect any and all outstanding.

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of this product/program, no refunds of any fees or other amounts paid by you in connection with the product will be allowed under any circumstances. The digital products are non refundable and all sales are FINAL.

Personal Information

By purchasing the product, you will be asked to provide personal information including name and e-mail address. You agree to allow us access to this personal information for all lawful purposes.

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You may use the product only for your own personal use.

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This agreement cannot be transferred or assigned to any third party without written consent of both parties.


By completing your purchase, you acknowledge and agree that you have read these Terms of Purchase as they may be amended from time to time.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Warranty

You are in the best position to understand your unique circumstances, and you understand and agree that a general informational digital product such as this cannot be completely tailored to every single person. This digital product is not a substitute for [financial, legal, medical, mental health, or other type of advice that you offer] advice from a qualified professional. You are advised to use your best judgment and seek the advice of such professionals in implementing the principles of this program. No guarantees are made as to the outcome for the use of this digital product.

Results Disclaimer

It is your responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through this website and masterclass meet your specific requirements. No statement, testimonial, result, or information herein shall be construed to guarantee or outline any specific business or financial result. 


  1. Following Client’s participation in this program, Client will have gained access to various trade secrets and personal intellectual property of Company, including but not limited to materials such as verbal advice, mindset guidance, written templates, modules, technical information, business advice, and/or other information that may have become available for use through Client’s participation in Program. Client understands and acknowledges that this information is not to be openly shared with others who have not participated in Program.
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  1. Company may request Client provide a testimonial to be published on Company's website, or featured on Company's social media accounts. Client understands that he or she is not required to give any testimony, and understands that the choice to do so is freely up to Client. There will be no ramifications or change in relationship between Company and Client if Client refuses testimonial.
  2. If Client accepts and provides Company with a testimonial, Client understands the material, along with a photo of Client, will likely be published on Company's website, social media, or otherwise. Should Client agree to provide a testimonial, Client will agree to review and sign an additional Release if asked, confirming same, and confirming Company's rights to use Client’s testimonial. No payment or additional services will be provided in return for Testimonial, and Client understands he or she is granting Company an unlimited, irrevocable license in perpetuity to use, publish, distribute, or repurpose any information provided to Company as part of a Testimonial.

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How to Start a BOOKED-OUT OBM Business: The Ultimate Beginner's Masterclass


  • Thursday, Sept 30, 2021, at 1 pm EST - 3:30 pm EST 
  • Two hours for presentation and 30 min for Q&A 
  • Extra bonuses like an OBM contract, sales script, and pricing guide
  • JUST $97 USD (originally $197 USD)!


Proven strategies | Best-in-the-biz coaches | No BS


  • What is an OBM? 
  • Differences from a VA
  • Start from scratch + setting up an LLC
  • Essential traits + skills
  • Must-have tools + software
  • How to stand out
  • Defining your Ideal Client Avatar
  • Content creation
  • What to offer
  • Pricing strategy
  • Setting boundaries
  • Discovery calls
  • Mindset
  • Onboarding clients
  • Client process + exceeding expectations
  • Offboarding clients
  • Time management
  • Red flag clients


30-minute Q&A with Alexa and Aurelia


  • OBM contract
  • Sales script for discovery calls 
  • Q&A session
  • Masterclass workbook
  • Offer-pricing spreadsheet


You could spend hours trying to bootstrap a mediocre OBM business, or you could free up two hours to gain a clear, strategic, proven roadmap from two experts in the position you want to be in.